Saturday, September 12, 2009

~s00..diz week??~

Diz wEek r s000 toUGh 4 me..bUT nExt week..r mUCh2 t0uGh 4 me..0bvi0uSly bc0z of mY exam..diz week I hav d0ne my exam wiT a fUll 0f stress..arGhh!!Bio paper 2..s00 harD..I felt likE I nEveR leaRnt bi0..Da quESti0n juz likE..ah..i d0n’t want 2 remembered it…bUT lUCkY da EssaY part safe me..s0 I’m praying I Will n0t gEt red mark 4 mY bi0 papEr..loL!2 ScarE…4 suRe mY dad Will sc0ld me..i d0n’t want!!!tHEn chemist..wAt a epY!Bc0z I loV chemist so00oo muCh2..he3.. bUT chemist paper als0 quiTe tough..especiallY paper 2 for secTi0n A..SALT??s0wy I don’t read bout dat I Answer It like a dUmb..I even d0n’t n0 wat I answered..2 w0rst...Bc0z oF dat SALT questi0n..i Will l0se quite a l0ts of marks…s0000 sad…buT then I Start 2 tHink..datS all mY fault rite??bc0z i juZ igN0re bouT exam..n Keep g0inG oN mY life In waY dat I will n0t seat 4 SPM..IZYAN..u’re s00 bad..s00 I think I sh0uld left all diz n0nsense behind..fs..faceb00k..tagged..n als0 diz blog n f0cus on my studies..i tried..buT da result is..I CAN’T!!he3..whEn I felt bored o sleepy..i will gRab da lapt0p then…0N9..wah!!u Waste uR tyme la IZYAN…k!st0p talking bout my exam…i should be epY n noT stress..
~MY EXUBERENT WAYS OF LIFE~kaH3..yestErdaY in scho0l quite boring+we d0n’t hav any less0n.. ME n FrEnz d0inG notiNk..even we haV more papers 2 face..buT we juZ being lazy..talking..babbling..chatting n gossip..0f coz lo..w0men m0uth can’t be st0p!!me..Aimi..fIda n WanI talKing bout gh0st..loL..ouT oF exaM cHapter…wateva..release our tensi0n k!..wani t0ld me manY st0ries bout gh0st..i’m s00 scared 2 hear dat st0ry..ha3..whEn aimi n fida want 2 n wani..asked them DON’T SLEEP..WE HAV MUCH STORY 2 TELL…kah3..bUT they ignore us and sleep..ZZZZzzz..bUt is ok if dey sleep..we seat aT fathiah’s place..then..start talking..ha3..acT we d0n’t knoe wat 2 do juZ keep talking wit mY fren..
He3..wat a waste day I hav make..talking..gossip wiT my I remembered..i only read a page..he3..then when mY frens came 2 mY ..i cl0sed my b00k..kah3..
H0piNG achieve my exuberant liFEs…
~lol!br0ken English.~
notes:nEXT Week Papers..arabiC language..phYsics(mY fav)..aDD math(parayINg hard 2 gEt gUd mark) n SyaRIah(h0pE I wIll noT take iT easy)
~praY 4 me k!syukRan~

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